Avantiís Learning Centers provide low-income high-school students a world-class science and mathematics education. Free IIT - JEE coaching is provided to Class XI and XII students by Avanti Fellows, a Voluntary organization. On top of avanti's advanced pedagogy, our students also benefit from having mentors from the IITs and top private engineering colleges. Avanti mentors guide our students through their Std. XI and XII academics as they prepare for college. They also help counsel our students, answer their doubts and keep them motivated. Students and mentors form close bonds over the course of the two-year Avanti program, and students report that itís one of their favorite aspects of the Avanti experience.


Avanti   Approaches:

Concept Videos

Students watch videos recorded by experts. Avanti is able to provide standardized high-quality education to a wider audience.


Group Discussions

Students are encouraged to discuss their rationale with peers, making them independent thinkers and team workers.



Students are given constant feedback and individualized attention, which build up their confidence and helps them learn better.