Biology Lab: There is a well equipped Biology Lab in our school, mainly used for the Secondary and Senior Secondary students from IX to XII. All the other class students are also taken to the Lab frequently when and where required. The Biology Lab works on the Principle of 'Learning by Doing'. Biology Lab is fully furnished with the specimen (bought as well as made by students), charts, models etc. The lab has got 13 compound microscope, 3-Dissection Microscopes, a Video scope a Digital Sphygmomanometer and other required non-consumable items. Biology lab is occupied with two computer with internet access and an LED projector and is used as the alternate smart room of the Vidyalaya.


Physics Lab: Physics Lab of this Vidyalaya boost of a collection of over 500 equipments falling under 150 categories. The net assets worth more then 1 lakh. There are instruments like spectrometer, travelling microscope, Fortin's barometer etc apart from various stile models like van-de-graff generator, four stroke engines, electric generator etc. The latest attraction is Newtonian reflector telescope of focal length.


Chemistry lab: has  sufficient number of various types of chemicals and apparatus to meet the needs of students of classes 6th to 12th. We have 191 various types of chemicals and 120 different types of apparatus. To make the reagents required  readily available to the students, all reagents are prepared and arranged in shelves. All the chemicals are stacked in shelves in  a store room by giving row number ,column number and alpha code so that locating a  chemical does not consume more time. Students do practical's, activities and projects by using these chemicals. To create interest in chemistry when children join 6th standard all chemicals and apparatus are exhibited in laboratory and introduced to the students.  Each table is provided with  an LPG burner and water tap and at a time 20 students can do practical comfortably.