We have a well arranged library with a good collection of books.

No. of Books    :           6211

Hindi                :           1333

Kannada           :          1833

English             :          3045

Newspapers     :          12

English             :          04

Kannada           :          07

Hindi                :          01

Magazines       :          42

English             :          28

Kannada           :          11

Hindi                :          03

The students are regularly using the Library facilities. Minimum two books are issued every week to students.

Library consisting of subject teachers will be formed to recommend purchases of library Books. each section will be allotted 2 periods in the week as part of Time Table. Apart from these, Library will be kept opened during the free timing of the students. Care will be taken to see that more weightage is being given to english and Hindi based books. Each child will be obliged to take books in all three languages in rotation basis. Book review in the assemblies, Projects where children will have to refer library books, CCA activities to make optimum use of the library are some of the Library based activities that have been envisaged

Other activities:

Extension of Library facility is provided to neighboring Govt. schools.

Some Library books are issued to Dormitory libraries also.

Old magazines are issued to dormitory libraries, and class libraries.

Book reviews are written and the best book review of the month/fortnight is displayed in the library.

Quiz competition conducted,

Career guidance is being given to the students by the librarian, Theme based Scrap books are prepared by students and kept in the library.

Every Saturday NIE programme is being conducted by The Hindu News paper authorities to class VI to  X students.

Hindu Newspaper, Vijay Karnataka and Deccan Herald dailies are subscribed by the students and some selected magazines are provided to maximum no of students to inculcate the reading habit among them. Book review is introduced in assembly.