Co-curricular  activities facilitate in the development of various domains of mind and personality such as intellectual development, emotional development, social development, moral development and aesthetic development. Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Energetic, Positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of Extracurricular activities.

Role of Co-curricular activities in stu    dentís life:

Co-curricular activities  are the true and practical experiences received by students.  To a greater extent, the theoretical knowledge gets strengthened when a relevant co-curricular activity is organized related to the content taught in the classroom. Intellectual aspects of personality are solely accomplished by Classroom, while aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, physical growth, moral values, creativity,  etc.  are supported by co-curricular activities. Frankness and clarity in language and personality is supported by these activities. It  helps to develop co-ordination, adjustment, speech fluency, extempore expressions,  etc. among student at the school levels.



new year celebration (31 Dec. 2017)

Sports day celebration (22 Dec. 2017)

pace setting activity (Dec. 2017)

ncc day celebration (30 Nov. 2017)

library week book exhibition (14 to 20 nov. 2017)

children's day celebration(14 - Nov. 2017)

Kannada rajyotsava celebration(01 - Nov. 2017)

rashtriya ekata divas celebration(31- oct.2017)

Counseling session by Dr. Srinivas bhatt (Ass. Prof. Dept. of Psychology, K.s. hegde hospital)(26.09.2017)

teacher's day celebration(05.09.2017)

vedik maths class by swami ganga nanda(01.09.2017)


Chutku sahitya sammelan(03.09.2017)

onam celebration (01.09.2017)

Hindi pakhwada celebration(Sep. 2017)


ganesh chaturthi celebration(25.08.17) 

sadabhavana divas celebration(20.08.17)

independence day celebration(15-August- 2017)

Shri krishna janmashtami celebration(14-August- 2017)

general body meetin (12-August- 2017)

group song competition (August- 2017)

online quiz competition (August- 2017)

oath commemorating 70 years of Indian independence  (09-August- 2017)

Social science model exhibition(08&09-August- 2017)

raksha bandhan celebratrion(07-August- 2017)


General Medical checkup(August- 2017)

Spot dance competition(August- 2017)


VMC MEETING(20-july- 2017)

talents day celebratiion(14-july- 2017)

seed ball programme(june 2017)

international yoga day celebration(21.06.2017)

environment day celebration(05.06.2017)

mysore tour

Science carnival

Science quiz competition (28.02.2017)

Science model exhibition (28.02.2017)